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Myriad media formats available through Definition3Media and our deeply vetted partner network.

Our team provides cutting edge media planning & buying services in all domestic & international markets. Our tested process and deeply vetted partners yields impressive results, service & transparency.

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What does a media buyer do?

A media buyer is a professional who is responsible for purchasing advertising space and time on various media platforms such as outdoor media, all streaming, television, radio, print, podcasting & digital media. Media buyers work on behalf of advertisers, agencies, or directly for the client to plan, negotiate, and execute media campaigns.

Creative & Effective Custom Campaigns

  1. Researching & identifying the most appropriate media platforms for a campaign based on the target audience, budget, and campaign goals.
  2. Negotiating rates and purchasing advertising space and time on behalf of the client.
  3. Managing and monitoring the campaign to ensure it stays within budget and reaches the target audience effectively.
  4. Analyzing and reporting on the performance of the campaign, providing insights and recommendations for future campaigns.
  5. Building and maintaining relationships with media vendors and other industry professionals.
  6. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the media industry to ensure that campaigns are as effective as possible.

Media buying is a critical aspect of the advertising industry, it involves a deep understanding of the media landscape and the ability to negotiate and make strategic decisions based on data, trends and budget constraints. Media buyers need to be analytical, detail-oriented, and able to work well under pressure. They also need to have strong communication and negotiation skills to effectively represent their clients and build relationships with media vendors

The greatest selections of programmatic and premium digital outlets are available through our closely vetted partners.

Reducing Waste from Fraud

Lower Ad Fraud & Invalid Traffic from Bots

Our premium partners’ Improved reach & frequency goals reduce wasted impressions and effectively limits ad duplication.

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Your Business w. No Obligation